Setup VIPConnect

VIPConnect is a connection manager build for small and even medium minecraft networks (up to 1000 players at the same time ⇒ expert?)
Checkout our complete wiki and your spigot pages for a deeper look this amazing system.

The VIP Connect Master is usually installed on your lobby servers. It's necessary to update the lobby signs.

  1. Download the VIPConnect Ressource on SpigotMC
  2. Download the MovingDevAPI on SpigotMC
  3. Copy both plugins into your server plugin folder.
  4. Restart your minecraft server
  5. You get a folder inside the plugin directory, named “VIPConnect”
  6. Now join your minecraft network and switch to the lobby.
  7. Rename the RegEx of the lobby section inside the bungeeGroup.yaml so it fits your naming conventions. RegEx
  8. Initial setup is completed, switch to the Wiki Page Create Server Group

The VIPConnect client is a optional plugin.
You can add it to your gameservers, to get features like /hub, /lobby or to enable joinpower for VIP players.
Inside the client config you can change the messages and so some basic setup.
No configuration is required, the client automatically connects to the master in your lobbies.

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