Server Group Options

First of all, you have to create new Server Groups, check out our Tutorial Create a new Server Group
Following you see a full list of all ServerGroup.Options:

This is the option, you have to set only one time! You should add this option to your lobby Server Group.
With this option, VIP Connect knows your lobby servers and could send that information to all Clients, this helps VIPConnect through the inter server communication.
It's recommended to install the VIPConnect.jar on every lobby server!
With this option, the sign will be removed from the lobby, if a game is ingame.
If the game server executes /vipconnect ingame, the VIP Connect Master removes the sign and showing a loading animation to the players.
This is a nice feature, if you have many servers and players on your server, so you don'T need a big server wall, to display all joinable game servers.
It shows the players all joinable servers on a small bunch of signs.

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