Regex to group your GameServers

We decided to use RegEx for grouping the servers from your network, this helps us to dynamically add new servers to your sings wall without changing the configuration.
This is a more flexible way. Because of this feature, the plugin even works with cloud systems.
We detect if a new server was added during runtime to the bungeecord network. So the VIPConnect Master checks in which group the new server has to be placed.
After doing a RegEx check and grouping the server, he will occurs on a sign als “Starting up”. After a short time period of 10 seconds you can join the new server during the sign.

RegEx are “regular expressions”, so if you heard first time of this, you should use a online regex checker (for example
The editor helps you understanding how it works and witch servers of your network will be grouped in.
Following we did a few examples for you, to understand the requirement better.

  • Last modified: 2 years ago
  • by MovingDev