With permissions you can decide, which player can to a specified thing. Permissions are nessesery for every server, we recommand to use PermissionsEX.

With this permission you are able to add signs ingame.
With this permission you are able to remove signs ingame. You have to be in gamemode 1 to do that!
vipconnect.setup /vipconnect
With this permission you are able to execute the admin commands ingame.
You could add {Number} from 1 to 9. vipconnect.joinpower.1 is the lowest permission, with that permission your players can kick all players without any joinpower. vipconnect.joinpower.9 is the highest joinpower, players with this permission can kick every player. We recommand to add no joinpower permission to your default players group.
vipconnect.client /vipconnect ingame & /vipconnect endgame
With this permission, you are able to execute all VIP Connect Client commands.
We recommend to do that not through a player, do this commands always there any plugin or the console!
This command is basically for debugging, because an automatisation of executing this command make more sense.

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