Link your Spigot purchases with your MovingDev account

If you bought a premium resource at SpigotMC, you have to verify your purchase, before we can give you support.
The easiest way, is the automatic link system from the MovingDev webpage. You only need your PayPal Transaction ID of the purchase.
Please add all your bought resources to the Moving Dev account, to get the best support from our helper staffs.

We created a video tutorial for you:

  1. Create a account on the MovingDev webpage
  2. Visit your profile page and click on “Add resource”
  3. Go to your paypal account and copy your transaktion id
  4. Enter the transaction id into the textbox and click save
  5. If the transaction is valid, you will be logged out
  6. To syncronise your bought ressources with our discord
  7. You have to verify your discord account
  8. If this is done, your rank will be updated during the next 15 minutes


Why I need a MovingDev account?
Because we are saving all your purchases and link them with your user information.
Currently our support team is only on discord, but in the future, we are planning to add a advanced ticketing system.
This helps our team and every user.

I don't wan't to create a account
It's your decision, we recommend to create an account.
If you don't create a account, you aren't be able to get support on discord or on our webpage.
You would only get support by private messaging use on SpigotMC. But we inform you here, that the first reply could take up to 14 days.

  • Last modified: 2 years ago
  • by MovingDev