The voting feature of RewardPro is easy to use and fully integrated into the Reward System.
Your players have one UI to run all rewarding commands, that gives your players a better user experience! And you will receive more players, because users are voting more often.
With the voting addon, you are able to motivate your players for voting more often, because of voting keys and higher rewards.

How to use?


  1. Download the VotingAddon and RewardPro
  2. Than copy both plugins into your plugins folder
  3. Restart the server

Configure RewardPro:

  1. Check if you have installed the newest version of RewardPro on your spigot server
  2. Now navigate to your plugins folder and than to the RewardPro folder
  3. Open the config.yml and set Voting to true
  4. Than open the presentman.yml and add a new PresentmanItem with the ItemType VOTING

General information before setup

If the setup is completed, you are able to set up your voting UI.
You find all configuration files of the Voting Addon inside the folder plugins/RewardPro/Addons/Voting

With the usage of RewardPro Voting, you don't need a votifier plugin. All necessary information is implemented inside RewardPro.
But if you like to use one, there is the ability. You can transfer the votes from the votifier plugin to RewardPro with commands.

To use our voting listener you have to add the RSA token to your voting pages. RewardPro generates on initial start a unique RSA token.
Then check your configuration of the voting addon. Inside the config.yml you can change your hosting details. You only have to change this, if your server ports are already in use.
For default stay with 8192

Setup Voting UI

Inside the voting.yml you can edit the default voting UI, which you can open through the command /rewardprovoting openUI or without a command and fully integrated inside the Presentman UI.
You can define multiple ItemTypes inside the voting.yml. This is like the setup of the presentman UI.


Setup Voting Pages

Inside the votingPages.yml you can setup your ServerLists. All lists are display to the users, so they can vote for your server network.
You can define the amount of voting keys (count), that the players get by voting for pages. Through this feature you are able to boost same server pages. \ The players vote there, where they getting the best benefits.
You can define as many voting pages as you like. For doing that, copy one entry and paste it with a different name (e.g. Vote Test2)


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