With the regular rewards from /reward present or the UI from the presentman. You get some unique features.
This is the basic UI of RewardPRO, you have the ability to link all services (free or premium resources) through this one interface.
This is the interface that faces to your customers.

Following you get a overview of the basic configuration. Check Out the ItemTypes for a more advanced config.

You have to configure your rewards inside the presentman.yml, this file is located inside the RewardPro folder directly on your spigot server.

Be careful by using materials. You have to use those materials which were available at your spigot version. On startup, RewardPro detects your server version and delivers different default configurations.
For example in spigot version 1.15 Spigot Materials you can use these materials in your presentman.yml

At the following lines you get a description of every attribute inside the config:

Here we are offering different types of rewards. You can execute regularly commands, open new RewardPRO UIs, etc.
See all available ItemTypes here.

This is the title of the displayed item inside the UI. You can use colorcodes and placeholders.

This is the number of the slot, where the item will be placed.

ActiveReward / InactiveReward:
The player gets the active item if he is able to claim it.
The player gets the inactive item if he isn't able to claim it.

This is the name of the material which will be displayed. Spigot Materials 1.15

That's the amount of items, which will be displayed.

Gives the item a glow effect.
This is the lore of the displayed item, you can add color codes and placeholders.

ClaimReward: Only available if you select ItemType = PRESENT

The player needs this permission, to claim the reward.
You can list a bunch of commands, there will be executed, if the player claims the reward.
You can use color codes and placeholders ass well.
The particle occurs, if the player claims the reward. This feature isn't available for all minecraft versions!

Here you can setup the cooldown time for the reward.
If a player claimed the reward, he has to wait your configured time to reclaim the reward.

This is a additional lore for claimed rewards. It displays the player, when we reclaims the reward.
Placeholders: %years years %months months %weeks weeks %days days %hours hours %minutes minutes %seconds seconds

This is the displayed lore, if a player can claims the reward.

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