PlayTime Rewards:

If you like to give your players rewards for playing specific game modes, than PlayTime rewards are the perfect choice for you.
With this feature, you can reward active players. Your most active players can get legendary rewards, after reaching a specific and fully customisable online time.

How to setup?

Configure Bungee Addon:

  1. Move the RewardProBungee.jar inside your BungeeCord plugin folder.
  2. Start and stop your BungeeCord
  3. Now you get a new folder (RewardProProxy)
  4. Open the mysql.yml inside the RewardProProxy folder.
  5. Update the configuration with your MySQL-DB-Server connection details. (It's importend, that you use the same DB connection for all RewardPro Addons!)
  6. Now you can start your BungeeCord server again.

Configure RewardPro:

  1. Check if you have installed the newest version of RewardPro on your spigot server
  2. Now navigate to your plugins folder and than to the RewardPro folder
  3. Open the config.yml and set Bungee to true
  4. Than open the presentman.yml and add a new PresentmanItem with the ItemType PLAYTIME

How to configure?

You have to configure the rewardpro time collect inside the RewardProProxy folder.

  • You can add multiple commands, you have to split them with ;
  • You can define your own dateFormat (%years years %months months %weeks weeks %days days %hours hours %minutes minutes %seconds seconds)

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  • by MovingDev