See all ItemTypes for the presentman UI

Following you find a list of all ItemTypes for the present UI.
The present UI, is the main UI of RewardPro, from this inventory you could open every functionality from RewardPro and all his addons.

Present is the regular ItemType for the present UI. Inside this ItemType you could define regular rewards for your ranked and non ranked players.
You could define rewards with multiple commands, timestamps and permissions. It's a powerful solution to reward every player and motivating them to come back again!

The player stats item, displays the players head. Inside the configuration of that item you could add unlimited lores.
This is only a place to display information for your players. The item hasn't any functionality behind it.

The daily rewards type, gives you the ability to jump inside the daily UI.
We think the players need one place to get all their rewards. Therefore we build for every UI a functionality to open it during the present UI.

This opens the playtime rewards UI, this is only available if you bought the RewardPro Bungee Addon. PlayTime Rewards

The opens the advent calendar from the RewardPro Christmas Addon. Advents Calendar

The opens the voting UI from the RewardPro Voting Addon. Voting

This is a regular minecraft item, which will be displayed on the defined slot. You could only add a item material name.
Most server owners uses this, to add glass to their reward inventories.
With the option Autofill: true you could fill your complete inventory automatically with this item.

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