Enable and Disable Functions

Inside the config.yml you have the ability to enable and display various functions of RewardPro.
In the following screenshot we would like to give you a quick understanding for what every options is for.

The IP Checker is always only available if you bought RewardPro Bungee. If you haven't bought it and enable this function, RewardPro wouldn't do anything!
The Restful API is only for testing reasons. You should disable this function on production servers.

Under the RewardProAddOns Section we listed all available addons, which are intervention into the regular version of RewardPro.
You should only enable AddOns you have bought and installed on your network! If you enable functions you haven't installed and bought, you maybe get a huge performance impact and tons of errors inside the log files.
After enabling functions, RewardPro checks licenses and installations through multiple validation ways. RewardPro stops validation, if he could detect a valid license installation on your network.

  • Last modified: 2 years ago
  • by MovingDev