Inside RewardPromo you have the ability to use a local storage like H2 or a network storage like MySQL.
For bigger server and for bungeecord networks we recommend MySQL!

If you like to use H2 you don't need to change any configuration file.
H2 will be automatically generated. Inside H2 we save all player data.
If you like to edit the data you could use a tool like the

If you like to use MySQL you have to edit the database.yml
In the following lines you see a example and an explanation of the elements inside the config.

Is the IP or the DNS name of your database endpoint.
Is the Port of your database.
Is the name of your database, you have created before.
Is the name of the user, which is permitted to edit tables inside the database.
Is the password of the user.
This has to be false, if you use MySQL!
This is the SSL Encryption, set this to true if your database supports SSL, otherwise false!

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