Daily Rewards

With this type of rewards we offer a solution to reward your most active users. The users get rewards for their daily activity on your server network.
The users have to join every day to level up there reward streak. You can define any reward you like, so the users are motivated to visit your minecraft server every day.
You can define up to 36 days of daily rewards. If a user reaches the highest reward, he could claim this reward on all upcoming days as well.

You have to configure your daily rewards inside the dailyReward.yml, this file is located inside the RewardPro folder directly on your spigot server.

Be careful by using materials. You have to use those materials which were available at your spigot version. On startup, RewardPro detects your server version and delivers different default configurations.
For example in spigot version 1.15 Spigot Materials you can use these materials in your dailyReward.yml

In this section we give you a instruation about the GeneralConfiguration:

If you set this option to true, the plugin would reset the daily streak. This occurs, if the player has reached the highest reward.
If you set this option to false, the plugin won't reset the daily rewards. So the player could claim his last reward for all upcoming days.
A reset occurs automatically, if a player is offline for one day.

At the following lines you get a description of every attribute inside the config:

Here you have to add all commands, there have to be executed on player click. The commands will only be executed if the player matches the requirements.
You can add as many commands as you like, you only have to list it up. Check out the examples below.

Here you can add commands, which have to be execute executed on player sneak clicking. With this option you can preview the given reward for the players.
This commands will be executed, even the player doesn't match the requirements, to be careful by setting up this option!
For example you can use a ather chest plugin (BossShopPro), to preview the reward. We only execute the commands here, a preview option isn't integrated in RewardPro!

This is the inventory slot, where the item has to be placed.

This is the ItemStack which were displayed, if the player hasn't claimed the reward.

This is the amount of items, which were displayed in the inventory, if the player hasn't claimed the reward.



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