Advents Calendar

If you like to celebrate Christmas with your players. We have the best solution for you.
With the Christmas Addon you get this fantastic Advent Calendar, so the time until christmas eve isn't far away.
The players have to join every day, to get unique rewards on the specific day. You can fully customize the rewards,
so your players get special ones on christmas eve.

How to setup?

Install the Christmas Addon:
- You have to install the regular RewardPro Plugin first. (How to do that?)
- Than move the RewardProChristmas.jar inside your regular plugin folder.
- Start and stop your Spigot server.
- Now the christmas addon works.

How to configure?

You have to configure the Advent Calendar inside your RewardPro plugin folder.
Inside the common folder (RewardPro), there were created a folder called “Addons”.
Inside this folder (Addons) you find the adventcalendar.yml, open this file with notepad.

One example of the adventcalendar.yml:

How to add the advent calendar to the presentman?

You can easily add the advent calendar to the presentman UI.
You only have to add the following lines inside your common presentman.yml

It's important, that you add the ItemType: ADVENT_CALENDAR
See all ItemTypes for the presentman UI

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